1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.14 is available

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February 06, 2019

1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.14 is available, with many new features and improvements, including the following highlights:

  • Numerous collaboration system enhancements
  • Multiple chart improvements
  • Standalone server mode as a new 1C:Enterprise Server architecture
  • Background job service fault tolerance
  • Cluster administration using 1C:Enterprise language
  • Many improvements of configuration extensions
  • New tools for processing big data: Database backup utility & Data Accelerator
  • Revised object locks with managed forms
  • Enhancements of dynamic lists with queries
  • Migrating Windows-based client applications to WebKit
  • Number-noun agreement
  • Operations with images in data composition system
  • Version 8.2 interface support cancellation in web client
  • Integrated Identification and Authentication System (IIAS) logon support
  • Query language extension support for data composition system
  • Solving systems of linear equations
  • Image conversion
  • Designer agent mode improvements

For more information about the new features, see New features in version 8.3.14.

Download 1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.14:

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