1C:Translator 2.1.8 update with enhanced changes and cost calculation algorithms is released

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April 28, 2016

1C Company publishes an update for 1C:Translator 2.1.8. This software is designed to streamline translation work and ensure consistent terminology, especially in large translation projects.

Version 2.1.8 includes an enhanced algorithm for calculating normalized characters and counting changed pictures, as well as and several bugfixes.

New features

  • New Translator efficiency report. It displays average translation complexity as a ratio of translated text (changes only) to the time spent. It also displays average employee productivity in a specific project as a ratio of translated normalized characters to the planned amount of work hours.
  • Enhanced normalized character calculation algorithm. It distinguishes the following work types: proofreading of new and changed text; picture translation, and translation of attached files. You are not forced to use the new algorithm.
  • The translation complexity has the following input parameters: average translation complexity, the part of proofreading in the overall work, the ratio of changes to the total number of characters, the percentage of changes that requires proofreading the entire text, dictionary translation complexity, picture translation complexity, and attached file translation complexity.
  • Changes in pictures and attached files are displayed.
  • New Word text type, it is used for texts imported from Microsoft Word documents.
  • The embedded 1C:Subsystems Library is upgraded to version 2.2 and new administration tools are added to the Settings section.

Minor enhancements and bugfixes

  • In the Texts list, items of the following types are displayed with gray font: not indexed, marked for deletion, having Deleted or Skip states.
  • In the Texts list, items of the following types are displayed with red font: items with pictures that require translation and items that are not indexed due to errors. You can see the error details on the Advanced tab.
  • In the Text edit form, on the Stored files tab, columns that show whether a picture has changes that require translation are added.
  • On the Stored file tab, you can view the last user who modified this item, save the previous version to a file, open picture translation from the original picture, or vice versa.
  • Export of interface texts in the dictionary folder form now skips duplicate items, so that you can import interface texts in Designer mode right after the export.
  • Improved text indexing performance.
  • Faster application startup.
  • Improved performance of the list of dictionary entries belonging to a current text.
  • The 1C:Subsystems Library translation dictionary is updated.
  • Other bugfixes.


  • 1C:Enterprise platform version or later is required for running the application.

If you find the new algorithm too complex, please drop us a few lines at the support forum.

Read more details and download installation packages and documentation at 1C:Translator page.

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