Accounting automation in StavPrizep-Invest based on cloud 1C:ERP

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March 27, 2020

StavPrizep-Invest company was founded to efficiently manage the StavPrizep Group of Companies that specializes in the manufacturing of cargo bodies for vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers.

This enterprise regularly works on improvement of production capacity, and, nowadays, actively develops its export activity. StavPrizep-Invest collaborates with the largest leasing companies and service centers of the country. It also pays a lot of attention to customer satisfaction and safety.

Before the project launch, the company used an information system based on the 1C:Accounting solution, client/server version. The system was capable of solving various tasks in the framework of out-of-the-box functionality, but it was not enough for comprehensive production accounting. Moreover, the fundamental processes of the work of sales managers were not automated; the server operation was not sustainable. Those factors made it problematic to receive information timely.

The project goal was to automate the operation of bookkeeping and production accounting, as well as optimize the vehicle sales department using the 1C:ERP software product in the 1C:Fresh cloud service.

Project tasks:

  • Implement bookkeeping and commercial accounting;

  • Train employees to work in the 1C:ERP system using cloud service;

  • Ensure accounting for production operations;

  • Ensure cost calculation and production report generation;

  • Develop and implement “order processor” using extension technology in the 1C:Fresh cloud service following specific peculiarities of the vehicle sales department accounting;

  • Develop external printing forms and reports; add them to the 1C:Fresh cloud service.

Project uniqueness

The main project feature consists in the automation in the 1C:Fresh cloud service, which allowed the company to reduce project costs for the acquisition of a server and client licenses. Besides, the database is automatically updated in the cloud to the latest release.

Solution architecture

The implemented information system is developed on the 1C:ERP solution basis and is hosted in the 1C:Fresh cloud service which enables the employees to work from their local computers, using the web client, without using the server.

A team of specialists from the ProfTech LLC company was engaged in the automation project fulfillment.

Project results

Upon creation of a unified accounting system in 1C:ERP and automation of activities in the company’s accounting, production and commercial departments, StavPrizep-Invest achieved employee efficiency increase. Sales managers' work was standardized, which led to sales growth.

It worth mentioning the following economic effect:

  • increased transparency in the work of the accounting and production departments due to the features built in the software;

  • the quality of work of the vehicle sales department was improved by using a unified information space;

  • the time for processing orders and preparing the necessary documentation for the client was reduced.

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