Critical Issue! Update Your 1C:Enterprise Platform Today!

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November 14, 2022

With this, 1C Company notifies its partners and platform users that 1C:Enterprise platform version,,,,,,,,,,,, were found to contain a critical error that might result in the closing of an application immediately on its start. 

This critical error does NOT occur:

    • on other versions of the platform;
    • when using web clients and Linux and macOS clients.

The change of external conditions on November 15, 2022, significantly increases the risk of failure. There is a high probability that many users will be unable to use the software.

The given issue does not results in user data loss.

With the account of the above, we highly recommend all users of the listed versions to update the 1C:Enterprise platform no later than the start of the working day on November 15, 2022, as set in the table below:

Faulty Version

Replace with

8.3.22, or later

8.3.21,, or later

8.3.20, or later

8.3.19, or later

8.3.18, or later

8.3.17, or later

The update to the new version does not impact functionality.

Installing the platform update does not impact the data stored in infobases.

The 1C:Enterprise platform distribution packages are available at to all registered users who previously bought the licenses for 1C:Enterprise products via the site user area.

For any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via State your question, the name of the company that purchased the licenses, and the product registration number. 

Previous news
October 13, 2022

A new version of mobile platform 1C:Enterprise 8.3.22 is available

In the new release:

  • Simplified exchange between mobile client in the standalone mode and the main server.
  • View external spreadsheet documents in mobile platform applications.
  • More user-friendly report behavior in mobile client after switching to standalone mode.
  • New feature for mobile client in the standalone mode: switch a collaboration system call to background mode.
Next news
January 16, 2023

1C:Enterprise has been recognised in G2 Grid Reports as a Leader

The G2 Grid Reports for Winter 2023 were published in December, and we are proud to announce that the 1C:Enterprise platform has been recognized as a Leader in a variety of software categories.
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