"Glass Technology" has accelerated the execution of production orders by 50% using 1C:ERP.

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May 20, 2020



"GlassTechnology" LLC is a glass processing company; since 2010, it has been part of the Nayada group. It specializes in the production of various types of glass of high quality - from the usual single-layer version to complex solutions with individual design.

Previously, the company did not have a system for sales planning, procurement, and provision of warehouses. Production was planned in spreadsheets and no more than a week in advance. Coordination of cost, production time, dates of shipment of orders was carried out on paper. Frequently, there were errors in the formation of specifications.

Getting information about the company's state of affairs to date took a lot of time. The company needed an information system that would standardize procurement, warehouse, and sales management, organize operational production planning for customer orders.

To address the issues, the system "1C: ERP Enterprise Management" was chosen. The implementation partner was the company "Institute of Standard Solutions - Production" (LLC "ITRP").

Brief results of the project:

  • The ERP system helped to organize operational production planning for customer orders, taking into account the implementation of each production phase.
  • The accelerated the process of calculation of specifications for complex custom product configurations.
  • Established accurate accounting of raw materials transferred for processing and semi-finished products.
  • Strengthened control over each stage of the technological process, provided an accurate calculation of actual production costs.
  • Management was allowed to monitor the work of units in real-time.
  • The fulfillment of production orders accelerated 1.5 times.

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