Independent Distribution Collective (IDC): Success by switching from QuickBooks to AccountingSuite

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October 06, 2013

IDC has always been faced with different types of accounting challenges. They started their business with simple pens and paper, with basically paper invoices for all of the company’s business.

IDC soon realized that they needed some sort of an accounting system and started with QuickBooks which they used for a couple of years. It didn’t really do them justice for their business model with multiple revenue streams and payouts to different companies. For them, QuickBooks was like “fitting a round peg in a square hole”.

IDC looked at AccountingSuite (ACS) to help customize and give an understanding of how their business operates. Since choosing AccountingSuite, IDC has actually grown their business and been able to use 3rd party warehousing, and pick-pack-ship to clients. Their 3rd party warehouse and fulfillment center uses the same AccountingSuite as IDC in real time.

As a distribution company this has been vital to their success and growth.

Changing the Way the CEO does business:

Checking how the business is running from no matter where they are at has been highly beneficial to the CEO of IDC, Steffen Franz. The CEO can now check on product, receivables and payables as well as run reports in an on-demand basis without having to depend on the computers at the office, or waiting until employees come in to run the reports.

Quantifying the Results for IDC:

AccountingSuite is enabling IDC to vision the future of the company. With QuickBooks they were running on a more “reactive” mode for their business, as with AccountingSuite the CEO and staff are running a more “proactive” mode.

AccountingSuite is a small business accounting and inventory software developed on 1C:Enterprise 8 Platform. The software provides full visibility into purchasing and sales transactions, automates accounts receivable and accounts payable. AccountingSuite makes managing payments, receipts, and bank transactions a breeze, providing business owners with a real-time financial snapshot of operations.

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Independent Distribution Collective (IDC)

Independent Distribution Collective is a music distribution company based in San Francisco that offers physical & digital distribution, music licensing for TV and film, and marketing & promotion.

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