The Winners of the International 1C Skills Camp 2022 Announced

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February 20, 2023

The closing ceremony for the 1C Skills Camp 2022 took place on the 10th of February. Our experts evaluated the results of the final contest, where the participants had to present their projects, and also announced the winners in the Students and Professionals categories.

The camp participants completed several training stages, starting with the basics of developing applications in the 1C:Enterprise platform. After evaluating intermediate tasks and tests, the experts picked the participants who managed to rank high scores.

As a result, out of 600 contestants who initially joined the camp, only 17 could reach the final stage, and only nine managed to develop their projects for the last contest.

Their task was to develop an information system for an educational institution. The system was intended for students and teachers who could use it to view their schedules, review classes, get homework, and track progress.    


Independent teams of experts evaluated projects presented as part of the last contest. The first team was responsible for checking applications functionality and correctness of the 1C:Enterprise platform objects use.

The second team of experts evaluated the user interface, convenience of use for a potential customer, and quality of the supplied documentation. The participants presented their solutions, demonstrated all three modes of their applications (for students, teachers, and administrators), and answered experts’ questions.


The best result in the Students category was achieved by Ania Saenz Castillo from Colombia, while in the Professional category it was Biruk Alemayehu from Ethiopia.

These are the finalists and their ranks.






Total Score


Biruk Alemayehu




Anna Dementieva




Nguyen Van Duy




Ricardo Antonio Zamora Gómez

Costa Rica






Total Score


Ania Saenz Castillo




Jhorman Felipe Fuentes Martinez




Ana Marjorie Martínez Mejía




Dayanna Campos







 Here is what some of them are saying about the event.

Biruk AlemayehuEthiopia, ChampionProfessional Category

Бирук   “This is great! I love the 1C:Enterprise platform! It’s a very good one for people like me. I’m a professional civil engineer and had no experience with programming languages, not a single one. Today, I have a dream to create something new using technology. This platform is very good indeed. I love it. I recommend it. And I intend to teach it to more Ethiopians and Africans. It has been a really good experience for me!”

 Ania Saenz Castillo, Colombia, Champion, Student Category

Ania портрет круглый.png
     “Wow! It has been a long journey, but I really liked it. It’s quite different from the things I used to make. I spend most of my time at work and also study biomedical engineering. Learning this kind of programming differed from the programs I used to work on. I think that is a really huge and great opportunity to learn new things. These things are truly helpful because, as I see it now, they really help us in our daily lives. We use those programs every day, get used to them, and in fact, do not even notice how much we need them. And in a contest like this, we can solve problems in an easy and fun way. We can touch upon different things and show people that programs are only a mental barrier. Programs are just a tool to make a difference, to solve, to create, to change things. And I believe that the 1C:Enterprise platform for me is a great opportunity to learn various things, try different areas that I don’t usually try, and meet really, really good people. So this is my experience. Thank you for the opportunity, and thanks also to the 1C company for teaching me different things”.

 Jhorman Felipe Fuentes Martinez, Colombia, Second Place in the Student Category

jhorman портрет круглый.jpg “I want to say thank you for everything, especially to the tutors and professors who were with me all the time and asked me how they could help me. The courses in the camp, especially the classes and the subjects, start with basics and gradually move further. And I think it is very good. Even for someone who is new to coding or has limited knowledge about programming, it would be easy to participate in this camp. The course translations were good. I had a good time, indeed. I’ve learned a lot in the months I’ve been with the camp. Thank you so much.”

Winners in each category will receive cash prizes, as well as the opportunity for an internship with further employment in 1C subsidiaries located in different countries of the world.

Many other participants who did not reach the final stage are already looking forward to the start of registration for the next 1C Skills Camp to improve their knowledge and gain more experience in developing business applications in the 1C: Enterprise platform.

We congratulate all 1C Skills Camp 2022 finalists and winners!

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