1C:Regional partner

1C:Regional partner

1C:Regional partner status is designated for partners who have their own certified products and sell them through their own regional partner networks.

A partner receiving 1C:Regional partner status should currently have 1C:Solution partner status.

A partner may procure the range of products at prices in the Price for 1C:Regional partner column.

A partner has a non-exclusive right to distribute the range only in the region determined by the contract.

A partner should have a partner network for the distribution of its own off-the-shelf solution.

A partner must promote 1C:Enterprise in a specific region determined by the contract.

A partner may not lease acquired licenses or provide services to its clients without transferring licenses to them.

A partner may post the 1C:Regional partner logo on its website, and may also be included in a corresponding list of partners at 1c-dn.com.

A partner may not use the 1С brand in the name of its company or website without written permission from 1С Company.

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