Information for partners

We welcome you to become our partner. Being a partner of 1C Company allows you to create business in IT and lead it to success with state of the art 1C:Enterprise platform. More details you can see in Partner program information.

Join partner program when you are ready.

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Information for customers

When your business grows up you see that automation of it is necessary. 1C:Enterprise platform provides you a complete set of functionality and flexibility to add any modification, to satisfy demands of your business.

To provide you the best service 1C Company involved partners in customer service. Having a partner to support of your application takes off all your worries regarding taking care of it. Please take a few minutes to see a variety of products and service providers:

  • Find a partner who will provide best service and guarantee satisfaction of your needs.
  • Partner solutions lists available off-the-shelf solutions that you can use to speed up implementation and catch up some good ideas for your business process.
  • Partner client projects are testimonials of existing customers that will help you to choose the best solution and support.

Corporate principles of 1C Company:

  • Focus on the actual needs of the mass-market user;
  • Operate profitably;
  • Be a reliable and mutually profitable business partner; deal honestly with partners, customers, and employees;
  • Pursue excellence, exceed our competitors both in development and sales;
  • Operate independently while cooperating with market leaders;
  • Study others' experiences but think and act independently.