S7 Airlines

S7 Group of Companies developed a subsystem for managing and monitoring procurement processes based on 1C:Document Management covering all enterprises included in the S7 group of companies. 

They mechanism allows launching purchasing processes with minimal user interventions and planing acquisition procedures and control accurate compliance of procurement activity duration with the established regulations.


S7 Airlines

S7 Airlines is one of the largest airline companies in Russia with a widespread network of domestic routes and the fleet of 60 aircraft.

Before the implementation of the project:

Several electronic document management systems (EDMS) from various vendors were implemented at the enterprise, which caused troubles in the document flow. The company required a unified information system to process and store documents and perform tasks.

Project goal

To develop a subsystem for the automation of procurement business processes based on the 1C:Document Management EDMS.

Project tasks

  • ensure efficient document flow in terms of procurement activity planning and execution of purchasing procedures following the established regulations;
  • arrange storage, systematization and data protection for procurement procedures;
  • organize electronic approval processes;
  • achieve transparency for each purchasing transaction;
  • provide information assistance for control and audit of the company’s procurement activity.
  • Solution architecture

    1C:Document Management was chosen as a unified EDMS since it meets the specified criteria: full conformity with the company’s requirements and ease of adapting without assistance accompanied by reasonable cost.

    Nowadays, the electronic document management system based on the 1C:Document Management CORP solution is used in all enterprises of the S7 group of companies and covers 34 cities (from Pekin to Frankfurt).

    As for the subsystem for managing and monitoring the company’s procurement activity, it is also based on 1C:Document Management CORP. It ensured:

    • efficient planning of acquisition procedures;

    • transparency for each purchasing transaction;

    • efficiency enhancement of overall procurement activity;

    • data storage and protection.

    Project uniqueness

    The project team developed a mechanism that allows launching procurement processes with minimal user interventions, automatically create purchasing procedures, carry out document approval, send notifications, etc.

    One of the crucial requirements was to use the out-of-the-box functionality of the 1C:Document Management software product; therefore, the system source code was not almost modified.

    Project result

    The implemented EDMS helped to automate the following business elements:

    ✔ registration and processing of incoming/outgoing documents;

    ✔ handling of administrative and directive documents;

    ✔ agreement accounting and processing;

    ✔ processing of invoices, tax requests;

    ✔ complaint management.

    Besides, the company got an additional tool to control the executive discipline of employees.

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