Before the implemention

PWC LEGAL kept records of hundreds of contract templates scattered across word documents. There were difficulties with updating the contract templates, as well as with the process of preparing contracts using these templates. There were risks of failure to meet the terms of agreement and signing of agreements and, accordingly, loss of clients, since the lawyers had a considerable burden due to a large number of errors in agreements submitted to them.


Project objectives

  • To develop a flexible solution of the "Document Designer" class on the "1C" platform, which could be implemented in any company; 
  • Automate the process of preparing and negotiating contracts using templates; 
  • Reduce the terms of agreement approval; 
  • Reduce the number of errors in draft contracts; 
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining contract templates in the company.


Solution architecture

Solution "LegalPRO:Document Designer for Business" allows employees to automate the work of document initiators and lawyers who are responsible for keeping track of company document templates. 

With the help of this solution, the initiator of the contract is able to create a legally correct and relevant document template.All related reference information will be filled in the document automatically. And a lawyer, having made the necessary change in one place (one paragraph of the document), will be able to update all the templates. 

This solution has flexibility, which is an excellent opportunity for development, and applicable to organizations of any type. The main functionality of this solution is the creation of an internal document by answering a series of prepared questions for the selected type of internal document. ".doc" and ".pdf" versions of the document are automatically generated and attached to the internal document card. 

The program solves the following tasks: 

  1. Settings, storage and versioning of templates of company documents; 
  2. Reducing the total number of company document templates by combining bilingual templates, using common document clauses and setting additional conditions for document clauses; 
  3. Saving time for the creation and approval of the document, since the choice of the template occurs automatically, thereby eliminating the possibility of spelling, legal errors. Also, due to the automatic filling of the reference information that is stored in the system, data errors are excluded; 
  4. Competence of employees - the initiator of the document does not need to be a professional lawyer to prepare the correct document template.  

Project results

Together with the "First BIT" team, a new solution "LegalPRO:Document Designer" was developed based on the "1C:Document Management" configuration. In PWC it was implemented in the legal department with about 3000 users in 9 months.

At the moment, the system has been successfully put into commercial operation. By implementing this solution, the goals set for the project were achieved: 

  • A flexible solution, suitable for any company; 
  • Accounting for all templates of documents is carried out centrally, which excludes loss of documents; 
  • Time reduce by 80%, which is required to update document templates, and, accordingly, the cost of their support; 
  • Paperwork acceleration by 40%, incl. by working out all the features of the company during implementation; 
  • Document approval time reduce by 50%

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