"D-Wine", a dynamically developing network of the restaurant business and retail trade of elite wines in Spain, has completed a project of reengineering and complex automation of processes using the 1C: ERP WE (World Edition). As a result, D-Wine managed to reduce the cost of services by 15% and cut administrative costs by 50%.



D-Wine company does business in the south of Spain, successfully combining the format of boutique restaurants and lounge wine stores, which represent several thousand items of the best producers in Spain, Italy, France, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. The company's business is developing dynamically, the range of products, and the geography of the business is expanding.

Before the implementation of the project

The company's management concluded that further growth and development of the company is impossible without comprehensive automation of the main processes. In addition, it was necessary to change the very approaches to business management. Detailed management accounting became necessary. It was required to minimize internal bureaucracy and minimize paperwork. The main routine processes had to be transferred to the information system to minimize labor costs. The new information system was supposed to help employees reach a new level of corporate development. It was required that all specialists involved in the trading processes could react as quickly as possible to the slightest deviations and problems, quickly resolve them in order to maintain customer loyalty and ensure the company's efficiency and business development.

Solution architecture 

D-Wine needed a functional and highly flexible system that would support organizational know-how and grow as the business grew. Local Spanish developments were considered while choosing the product, but their functionality was limited and did not cover the requirements of the D-Wine business. When analyzing the ERP-systems of European manufacturers, it turned out that it would be difficult and time-consuming to adapt them to the specifics of the company's business processes. Therefore, they decided to take into consideration the Russian development - "1C:ERP Enterprise Management". 1C specialists prepared a model - a prototype of the information system to learn out about 1C:ERP. The opportunity to quickly adapt the software product to business requirements, a user-friendly interface in English, broad functionality, and affordable license costs were immediately noted. 

The choice was made in favor of 1C:ERP. The official partner of 1C "Rice" company became the implementation partner.

Project results

Initially, the project started on the 1C:ERP Russian version, then, since the release of the beta version of 1C: ERP WE (World Edition), it was transferred to this configuration. During the project, the main operational processes were automated: provision of services, sales, purchases, prescription production. Special emphasis was placed on accounting for material, labor, and administrative costs. 

As a result of the restructuring of processes and their automation, the company managed to:

  • reduce the costs of the services provided by 15%
  • cut administrative costs by 50%
  • increase the turnover in warehouses by 15%. 
Within the financial block, intra-group operations, management reporting, and basic regulated reporting were automated in accordance with the legislation of Spain and the European Union. The company plans further development of the project in the area of ​​the sales planning and forecasting together with 1C. 

The received feedback allowed 1C specialists to determine and expand the capabilities of a typical 1C:ERP WE solution for international markets.

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