DHL is the leader in the Russian express delivery market, the only that is able to transport up to 32 tons of cargo from Russia to Europe using its own charter flights every day.  130 offices of the company operate in more than 120 cities of the country, serving more than 6,000 settlements in the Russian Federation. DHL transport fleet in Russia amounts to more than 950 units.

Before the implementation of the project:

The DHL group of companies is represented in Russia by two legal entities. Personnel accounting and payroll accounting was carried out in the Moscow office in the "1C:Payroll and HR management, rev. 2.5" system.

At the same time, managers and/or timekeeping specialists (including regional divisions) were responsible for keeping working hours records, calculating bonuses of employees, generating data for transfer in MS Excel files.

dhl2.jpgProject goals

  • Business processes optimization for personnel records and payroll accounting; 
  • Standardization and unification of DHL's core payroll and HR business processes; 
  • Ensuring the timely formation of regulated and management reporting; 
  • Reduction of labor costs for HR and Payroll departments for routine operations.

Project objectives

  • To accelerate system updates;
  • To decrease labor costs on information consolidation;
  • To speed up payroll for 2,500 employees.
  • To develop and automate management reporting.
The company "WiseAdvice", a certified partner of 1C with a unique experience in implementing complex corporate solutions, was involved as the project executor.

The uniqueness of the project

  • Time. The most important requirement of the customer was the implementation of the system in the shortest possible time, the system was launched in 9 months. 
  • Additional software. During the implementation of the project, additional software was used - Atlassian Jira and Confluence, which made the project completely "transparent". At any time, the customer could track the state of a process, readiness and compliance with the set goals; 
  • A mechanism for setting up transactions was developed, which allows operating with a large number of accounts, sub-accounts and analysts (including managerial ones) without involving programmers; 
  • A mechanism for the payment of advance payments and salaries of employees to different banks, incl. as a percentage. A separate revision was made to reflect the data on conversion into the currency in which the salary is paid in the employee's settings; 
  • A unique mechanism for loading timesheet data from the HR portal to  "1C:Payroll and HR management, rev. 3.1" was developed. It allows employees to automate the creation of the Timesheet document in the system, as well as, to create other correlating documents (payment of holidays and weekends, overtime payments, etc.);
  • Many features of personnel records management, time tracking and payroll accounting, due to the company's activities, implying a traveling nature of work, and the presence of a large number of regional divisions. Many employees work in different conditions:
- employees working in areas of extreme north;
- employees working in harmful and dangerous working conditions;
- travel employees;
- foreign specialists;
- employees working on the summarized accounting of working hours. 

000 копия (2).png 


Project results

  • The DHL Target System is integrated  with the adjacent systems, in particular, with the HR-portal developed by the DHL specialists, which keeps track of working time in the company. 
  • 1C Partner worked out special mechanisms and significantly expanded the functionality for recording operating modes, shifts and summarized recording of working hours. In particular, the mechanism for recording the registration and payment of overtime and employee shortcomings on the summarized accounting of working hours for accounting periods. 

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