Pony Express


Axelot, a 1C franchisee, automated the financial management of Pony Express, the largest logistics operator in the CIS. The new system, based on the 1C:CPM corporate management application, covers more than 500 workstations in the Moscow office and 60 in company branches across the country. The collection of financial data from geographically-remote units has been accelerated. The company was able to more accurately plan future expenses. The process for approving financial documents has been strictly regimented. Prompt budget planning is assured, and compliance with budget plans has been established across all expense types, including fixed and variable payments.

Pony Express is the largest international logistics operator in the CIS, offering a full range of services for the processing and delivery of goods, secure storage, and warehouse processing. The company has more than 60 branches and 128 regional offices in different cities and countries.

Every month, the company prepares consolidated financial statements for the Moscow offices and regional branches. The Central Treasury collects revenue and expense budgets, cash flow budgets, and financial reports from the company’s divisions, which are used to evaluate division performance, plan expenses and compile a payment calendar.

The main objectives of the automation project are as follows:

  1. Introduce an information system that would help improve cash flow control, optimize payment planning and approval, speed up a collection, processing, and consolidation of financial data from divisions and branches.

  2. To organize the prompt budget planning for the entire enterprise: expense and revenue budgets for all departments, cash flow budget, project budgets, etc.

  3. Ensure compliance with these budgets for all types of expenses.

For operational management and accounting, the company uses 1C software solutions. Therefore, to automate Treasury operations, management chose a comprehensive CPM (Corporate Performance Management) class solution developed on the innovative 1C: Enterprise high-performance technology platform.

The integration partner for the CPM system was Axelot, which had previously successfully implemented the 1C: Enterprise 8 Logistics Warehouse Management system at the Pony Express warehouse terminal near Moscow.

Key project results:

  • Optimized corporate finance management. Standardized the unified reference and corporate standards information base. Systematized budget planning. Planning of the revenue and expense budget for all branches of the enterprise has been simplified and accelerated. 

  • Procedures for approving financial documents have been set up specifically to business activities, projects, and expenditure types. At any point in time, a document under approval can be tracked to the department and specialist working on it. A document’s entire history, including any changes made, can be viewed. The system uses approved documents to quickly generate a payment calendar for the coming week, which leads to more accurate and rational expense planning.

  • Interconnection of all payment documents generated in the system: payment requests, payment orders, invoices. This improved control over payments and completely eliminated unapproved payments.

  • Simplified accounting and faster reporting.

  • Improved employee performance; paperwork errors have decreased threefold.

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