Bonolit Group Holding

The solution "1C:ERP Enterprise Management" was integrated with equipment for the production of concrete blocks.


✔ This integration allowed to standardize the production management of finished products and semi-finished products, create a single product catalog with production specifications and optimize warehouse. Sales management increased control over the cost and quality of finished products, raw materials, and materials.

✔ The system ensures uninterrupted shipment of finished products and their delivery to customers .

✔ Operational management of sales conditions is organized. Besides, a unified methodology for maintaining operational, regulated, personnel records, and payroll has been launched.
✔ The management of the group promptly receives centralized data on the activities of units - production and sales volumes, stock balances.

The Bonolit Group

The Bonolit Group is the largest Russian company incorporating leading autoclaved aerated concrete plants and the extraction and processing of non-metallic materials enterprises in the Central and Volga Federal Districts. The company's aerated concrete market share exceeds 20%, the total production volume has reached 1 million m3 per year, which is equivalent to 1.8 million m2 of housing built.

Before the implementation of the project:

  • The enterprises used stand-alone information systems, there was no integration with the production line before .
  • The work of the technical quality control department was not fully automated, the methodology of cost management and costing in the companies was different.
  • Reporting on the activities of units took a lot of time and did not meet the set criteria for granularity and reliability. The situation was facilitated by both technical and methodological limitations of information systems and the organization of business processes in enterprises. 

Solution architecture

The management of the group decided to set up a modern information system, the typical functionality of which would enable building the main business processes in a single format at all Bonolit Group enterprises. 

 As a basis for automation, the solution "1C:ERP Enterprise Management" was chosen. The implementation partner was A-Date. 

 The automation circuit included four enterprises of the holding. The new system covered about 130 jobs of various company divisions. 

Project results

  • Operational, regulated, personnel records and payroll have been organized according to common standards and a single methodology in the enterprises of Bonolit Group. Regulatory information management processes also have been optimized.    
  • A mechanism has been developed for integration with the production line, accounting of output, and semi-finished products using resource specifications has been automated. This allowed establishing continuous monitoring of product quality, consumption of raw materials, and materials, including per unit of output (semi-finished products). There is an opportunity to receive operational data on production costs in the required detail.
  • Sales management has been optimized by automating key business processes covering the work of the central and related structural divisions: production department, warehouse complex, sales department, marketing, and accounting department.
  • Using the new system, managers receive orders from customers and select the optimal shipment terms and delivery conditions, taking into account the current balances of finished products in warehouses, and the volume of products produced that can be shipped to customers in the near future.
  • Opportunities for uninterrupted shipment of finished products and their delivery by road have been provided.
  • The necessary and individual sales conditions are formed following the corporate pricing policy. The statuses used in the implementation documents, together with the ability to analyze the history of changes, help to track quickly stage the products are shipped and responsible for this stage.

In the future, it is planned to automate budgeting and the formation of consolidated reporting on a base of 1C:ERP.

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