Epic Shipping & Shipbuilding JSC


Project Details

Shipbuilding Production

    • Unique one-of-a-kind facility.
    • Order-based production.
    • Individual pricing for each order.
    • Each production project includes the design stage.
    • Further repairs of released ships.

What Makes This Project Unique?

    • The customer operates in Turkey.

    • The customer needed an optimal solution for deploying the software and we opted for 1C:ERP (international version) running in 1C:Fresh (SaaS). 
    • Some production stages are outsourced to third-party shipyards, and it has to be covered by the system. 
    • The customer needs to be able to export data to BI systems.

Project Goals. What Did the Customer Require?

    1. Transparency for shipbuilding projects’ costs. 
    2. Cash flow control. 
    3. Keeping of records jointly with other shipyards. 
    4. Traceability of materials flow through the stages of ship construction. 
    5. Integration of data with the HQ’s 1C:Enterprise platform-based software.

Automation Circuit (Whole Project)

    • Master data management.
    • CRM
    • Calculation of shipbuilding project costs.
    • Procurement
    • Treasury
    • Outsourcing of some production stages to other shipyards.

    • Tracking of materials through all production stages.

    • Calculation of shipbuilding projects’ costs and profits with every stage of production taken into account.

    • Ship repairs.

Deployment of 1 С:ERP on 1С:Fresh (SaaS)

    • Handling resources in the cloud helps to reduce costs and makes centralized maintenance possible.
    • Users can conveniently utilize standard tools to handle their tasks.
    • The international version 1C ERP proved to be the best choice as compared to localized 1C:Enterprise platform-based solutions in terms of functionality fit/gap.
    • The customer and the HQ find it convenient to access the software via a web interface.
    • 1C team can promptly respond to technical issues.

Project Outcome

    • A straightforward system for maintaining production records (with in-house consumption included) enabled the easy addition of all records, starting from the date of the shipbuilding company’s foundation.
    • Some of the HQ’s processes relating to master data and production were also optimized.
    • The flow of materials and left-over stock on every stage has become transparent.
    • The customer is now able to manage the costs of shipbuilding projects.

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