Era Group

Era Group

Era Group is one of the world’s leaders in the production of modern ventilation systems. This company operates the full production cycle: from designing new products to delivering them to the end-customer. Era Group sells its goods under four main brand names – ERA, DiCiTi, EVECS and AURAMAX.

The company supplies the ventilation systems to 24 countries, including Russia, Egypt, China, Mongolia, Great Britain, Belgium, Poland and others.

In order to enhance management efficiency and reduce accounting labor costs, Era Group and 1C:April Soft, an official partner of the 1C Company, sighed an agreement for the implementation of the 1C:ERP software solution.

Project uniqueness

1) Remote project fulfillment: for discussion, remote training, solving different issues and user support, Skype and Itilium services were used.

2) A unified information area was implemented by using a two-way direct exchange between the ERP and WMS systems.

3) Automated workplaces were developed for the sales and procurement departments.

4) The functionality for automatic documents generation for registering equipment depreciation and repair orders was also implemented.

Project goals

1. To transform the existing functionality to a new platform in order to improve the stability and reliability of the system, and utilize new platform’s features. Subsequently, the company is going to increase the number of tasks solved by employees in the new system (termination with Excel tables).

2. To ensure the possibility to get actual managerial reporting.

Project tasks:

Sales process automation

  • Pricing

  • Customer order processing & execution

  • Billing and invoice sending to the client;

  • Customer payment recording in the system;

  • Quick getting of information about goods balances at warehouses;

  • Claim management

  • Generation of shipment documents (including foreign languages and special formats);

  • Possibility to monitor the state of current orders.

Sales planning automation

  • Generation of analytical reports that would allow carrying out a plan-fact analysis on the realization of sales plans.

Customer data management automation:

  • Work with various customer categories (dealer, distributor, etc);

  • Setting personal discounts and other special terms;

  • Monitoring mutual settlements with clients.

Procurement automation

  • Procurement plans creation taking into account production plans;

  • Management of long-term procurement agreements;

  • Reserve stock management;

  • Mutual settlements with suppliers;

  • Acceptance and registration of goods from suppliers;

  • Management of claims to suppliers.

Logistics & warehousing automation

  • Goods acceptance and allocation;

  • Movement between warehouses;

  • Monitoring of stock balances;

  • Goods shipment and preparation of supporting documents.

HR & payroll calculation automation

  • Calculation of payroll, deductions, insurance payments and taxes;

  • Mutual settlements with employees;

  • Calculation ofperformance-based wages

  • Monitoring of staff schedules;

  • Accounting for days off, sick time and holidays.

Production accounting automation

  • Generation and control of the execution of production plans;

  • Accounting for output & semi-manufactured goods;

  • Monitoring of the use of materials, employees’ performance and equipment depreciation;

  • Accounting for goods and materials in warehouses.

Regulatory accounting automation
  • Tax accounting

Project results

As a result of project implementation, specialists at 1C:April Soft successfully achieved all the specified goals. It’s also worth mentioning: 1. ensured transparency of the treasury process and financial management;

2. automated planning of sales and procurement, a simplified scheme for working with goods;

3. simplified schemes of interaction with the WMS system in respect of shipment, delivery, and acceptance of products.

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