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ERGA Global Streamlines Operations with 1C:ERP WE Implemented by FB Group.

FB Group, a leading provider of business automation solutions with over 25 years of experience, partnered with ERGA Global, a prominent manufacturer of magnetic systems and industrial equipment in Turkey. This collaboration aimed to optimize ERGA Global's production and support processes through the successful implementation of the 1C:ERP WE system. FB Group's team brings a wealth of expertise to the table, offering services in Turkish, English, Czech, and Russian. Additionally, they boast an SMMM (CPA) licensed specialist, ensuring clients receive comprehensive financial consulting services.


ERGA Global: A Focus on Innovation

ERGA Global is a renowned manufacturer dedicated to cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions in the industrial equipment domain. Their dedicated team of 30 employees in Turkey oversees all aspects of product development, manufacturing, delivery, and related services.

Project Background: Addressing Challenges for Efficiency

Disjointed systems hindered ERGA Global's operational efficiency, prompting them to seek a unified management and accounting solution. Their existing system struggled to handle industry-specific requirements for procurement planning, resulting in:

    • Inconsistent change tracking: Difficulty monitoring and managing changes to data. 
    • Data duplication: Redundant information creating confusion and inaccuracies. 
    • Inaccurate cost calculations: Inability to accurately calculate production costs, impacting profitability.

Solution: Integrated Management System Boosts Efficiency

To address these challenges and streamline operations, FB Group implemented key modules within the 1C:ERP WE system:

    • Production Planning and Control: Ensured smooth production flow and optimized resource utilization. 
    • Procurement Management: Streamlined purchasing processes, reduced costs, and improved inventory management. 
    • Warehouse Management: Enhanced inventory control and visibility, minimizing stockouts and overstocking. 
    • Payments and Receipts: Facilitated accurate financial management and streamlined cash flow. 
    • Sales and Shipments: Enhanced order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. 
    • Cost Calculation: Provided real-time data for informed decision-making and improved profitability.

Enhanced Transparency, Optimized Operations

The 1C:ERP WE implementation significantly improved the transparency of procurement and production processes. This empowered ERGA Global to make data-driven decisions with greater efficiency, leading to improved overall operational performance. Additionally, integration with an external PDM system ensures seamless data exchange for product structure, manufacturing technologies, and Bill of Materials (BOMs) with complex nesting structures of up to 60 levels. 

Furthermore, material supply schemes were configured for warehouses, taking into account lead times from different material suppliers. This approach optimizes production order planning and maintains optimal inventory levels. The project also yielded benefits in warehouse accounting, optimized cost calculations, and configured accounting parameters to comply with Turkish free economic zone legislation.

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Keys to Success: Collaboration and Teamwork

The successful implementation process was facilitated by a multilingual and multidisciplinary team of specialists from ERGA Global, FB Group, and 1C. This collaborative approach fostered clear communication, effective problem-solving, and ultimately, the achievement of ERGA Global's goals. 

A well-defined project plan with transparent tracking, adjustments as needed, and clear expectation management further ensured timely completion and adherence to project goals.


A Game-changer for ERGA Global

“The implementation of 1C:ERP has been a game-changer for ERGA Global,” says Ergün Çakır, General Manager of ERGA Global. “The increased transparency of our processes and significant reduction in operational costs have positioned us strongly for sustainable success in the competitive industrial equipment market. We are truly satisfied with the project results and express our gratitude to the FB Group team for their professionalism and teamwork throughout the project.”

This case study demonstrates how ERGA Global, through collaboration with FB Group and the implementation of 1C:ERP WE, achieved significant operational efficiency gains. This approach can be a valuable roadmap for other organizations seeking to optimize their business processes and achieve long-term success.

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