Faberlic. Foreign Branches.


T1 Holding Has Automated the Business Processes of Faberlic’s Foreign Offices with 1C:ERP WE (International Version).

T1 Holding, an IT solutions developer, has completed the project for the automation of operational business processes in foreign branches of Faberlic, the largest player in the direct sales market. The jointly created IT solution built on the 1C:ERP WE made it possible to speed up data processing and improved the quality of the company’s management decisions by providing the tools to analyze gathered data. 

Previously, all company branches had unified tools to interact with consultants and handle orders and logistics, but there was no unified system for cost control and management accounting. Instead, branches had to rely on a variety of unrelated IT products, which created difficulties for the central office to collect and process data related to the activities of the branches. 

The project started in September 2021. Five months later, in February, the Polish branch received an MVP. However, in the spring of 2022, Faberlic made a decision to leave the Polish market. Still, the developers were able to replicate the system with minimal modifications, and already in November, the company branch office in Moldavia got a full-fledged ERP solution that operates in full compliance with local regulations. The team specialists automated intra-group operations and brought both management and compliance reporting in line with the legislative requirements of Moldova and the European Union.


Currently, T1 Group continues to provide service support. In the future, Faberlic plans to replicate the solution in other foreign branches of the company.


“The main criteria for choosing the ERP system was the product flexibility and its ability to scale as the business grows. The company expansion required us to change the approach to managing operations, ensure a higher level of process automation, and to make possible to keep detailed management records. We have been using 1C:ERP-based systems for four years and we like it. Still, the reasons we opted for the international version were the ability for rapid customization per business requirements, a convenient multilingual interface, and affordable cost of licenses.”

says Konstantin Gerasimov, Digital Transformation Director at Faberlic.


“The project outcome has proven the applied methodologies were correct and showed how important it is to be capable of adapting to changing conditions. Having started with the development of the MVP in the company’s branch in Poland, we, despite the pressure of changing market conditions, managed to quickly implement the new functionality in the IT perimeter of their office in Moldova. We created a core product open to further development and capable of scaling up to include other offices. Just recently our colleagues deployed the solution in the Azerbaijani branch with minimal effort and no third-party support.”

says Alexey Stoyanov, Head of the 1C Division at T1 Holding.

Source: https://t1.ru/news/item/kholding-t1-avtomatiziroval-biznes-protsessy-zarubezhnykh-filialov-faberlic/

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