The Skolkovo Foundation has built an automated document management system of tasks and orders accounting  based on the  1C:Document Management CORP software product. The main feature of the project were the improvements related to the use of electronic signatures in the system, as well as the automation of "horizontal" document flow, (document flow between subsidiaries of the Skolkovo Foundation). As a result of the project, the Foundation managed to reduce labor costs spent on finding the necessary documentation, to automate the activities associated with signing documents with an electronic signature, and also improve the quality of control over the execution of the orders.

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Skolkovo Foundation

The Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 2010 at the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation in order to support and develop innovative entrepreneurship, implement advanced scientific research, and create successful high-tech companies in the global market. The mission of the Foundation is to create a favorable environment for the development of entrepreneurship and research in such areas as energy efficiency and energy conservation, nuclear, space, biomedical, strategic computer technologies and software.

Before the implementation of the project
The Skolkovo Foundation has a large amount of internal, incoming and outgoing documentation. Before the implementation the Skolkovo Foundation used a third-party electronic document flow system. As a result, the Foundation's employees found out problems associated with the ownership of the EDM system:
  • the complexity of scaling; 
  • high cost of ownership of a third-party electronic document management system; 
  • lack of opportunity to adapt the information system by means of full-time specialists. 

Project goals

  • To scale the electronic document management system to the subsidiaries of the Fund; 
  • To organize effective document management flows and minimize paper workflow; 
  • To optimize employee reporting labor costs and increase the operational productivity of personnel; 
  • To increase the transparency of business processes for making management decisions.

Project objectives

  • Automation of the block of internal document flow; 
  • Automation of the block of incoming and outgoing workflow (including "horizontal" workflow); 
  • Adaptation of mechanisms for signing documents with a simple and qualified electronic signature; 
  • Automation of the main business processes of the organization (approval, execution, review, etc.), incl. approval by mail.

The uniqueness of the project

  • Implementation of the project was carried out according to the methodology "1C:Rapid Application Development".  Iterative product development and active participation of specialists and management  in the project of the Skolkovo Foundation have made it was possible to set up the information system 2 months after the start of the project
  • The key feature of the Central Document Management of the Foundation is the unique architecture of the system that combines the typical capabilities of the 1C:Document Management software product and the improvements necessary to automate the Fund's business processes. 
  • Signing documents using an electronic signature made helped to automate the receipt of legally significant documents in accordance with state standards using only one button "Sign electronic signature". The document will be automatically assigned a registration number and date, and an electronic stamp will be put into the document template converted into PDF format signatures. 
  • Another significant feature of the developed system is the implementation of the Horizontal Document Flow block, which automates the exchange of incoming and outgoing documents between the Fund's subsidiaries. When an outgoing document is sent to a subsidiary, the system automatically creates a “mirror” incoming document and starts the review process for the recipient of the document. After receiving a response from the subsidiary, the system creates again a “mirror” document and automatically links the entire message chain in the correspondence.    

Project results

A high-performance system based on 1C:Document Management helped the Skolkovo Foundation to scale the automation of internal and external document flow and connect subsidiaries to the CDF system, increase management efficiency, and reduce operating costs. As a result, there is a decrease in time spent by managers on setting and monitoring tasks and time spent on preparing reports.

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