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Kartli Group of Companies is one of the leading traders of polymer products in the territory of Russia and other countries. Every day the company ships more than 100 trucks with polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polystyrene and ABS-plastics

Nowadays, the company’s branches are registered in Switzerland, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Turkey. Kartli actively cooperates with both the largest manufacturers of polymer raw materials and thousands of producers of final products.

Before the implementation of the project: 

The insufficient functionality of the previously used systems and the lack of a unified information space did not allow the company to continuously develop, increment sales volume, penetrate new markets, expand its range of products.

Project goals

  • Develop a management tool that would ensure well-coordinated operation of all system elements, maintenance of the company’s values, and would help to implement the goals and objectives that Kartli faces.

  • Create a technological tool for efficient implementation of new managerial models when developing Quality Management System.

  • Design an information assistance system for employees and managers which will perform technological operations for data accumulation, storage, transfer and processing.

  • Unify the operation of Russian and international divisions of the holding in a single system

Solution architecture

The implemented 1C:ERP software has become the fundamental holding management system and is a central element in the interaction of key information systems of the company.

The project was fulfilled by Kartli’s own IT employees with the assistance of specialists from IT-Expert+, which has vast experience in the integration and implementation of software products based on the 1C:Enterprise platform.

Project results

1) The new system unified the work of Russian and foreign divisions of the holding while maintaining accounting features in different countries. The management got the opportunity to control the work of branches and representative offices anywhere in the world using the mobile version of the system. Employee executive discipline increased.

2) Improved procurement and sales planning.

3) Organized operational accounting of goods at warehouses. At any time, an interested user (procurement or sales manager, for example) can get up-to-date information on current stock balances. Implemented feature to remotely control the movement of goods in warehouses using the mobile application.

4) Optimized order delivery to customers. The system is integrated with a transport Internet service. It’s possible to connect to the service directly from 1C: ERP, select vehicles, arrange and monitor the transportation.

5) Ensured control over mutual settlements with buyers and suppliers.

6) Created efficient electronic document management system.

7) Accelerated generation and approval of agreements, specifications and other documents.

8) Sales volume increased by 35%, the company's profit grew by 25%.

9) Optimized sales management. Using the new system, managers plan sales by holding divisions and business areas, handle prices, and create forecast prices for products. This allows the company to flexibly manage its pricing policy, offer customers competitive prices, and maintain the necessary level of sales profitability.

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