LC Waikiki


LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki is a leader in the Turkish fashion retail industry. Today the chain has 566 stores in 28 countries around the world. The company's turnover is about $ 3 billion per year. 10 stores are already successfully operating in Belarus. The staff of the Belarusian network consists of more than 300 people.

Project goals and objectives

The main principle of work, which is always guided by LC Waikiki, is a wide range and availability of goods, speed and quality of customer service in the company's branded stores.

In order to comply with this principle, it is necessary to promptly plan and control the main business processes in stores, including:

  • receipt of goods in stores;
  • interaction with buyers and suppliers when registering the return of goods, sale of goods and the formation of consolidated reports on sales at each outlet;
  • work with funds - their receipt, movement between the cash registers of the store and individual retail outlets;
  • payment for goods by bank transfer;
  • formation and provision of various discounts to customers, support of loyalty systems.

Solution architecture and project scope

In 2013, LC Waikiki began creating its own sales network in Belarus. It was decided to automate the newly opened stores using the 1C:Retail 8 system, which LC Waikiki is already successfully using to manage its retail outlets in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The Turkish company "Bilist Software" and "YUKOLA-INFO" from Belarus, which successfully automate large trade enterprises, were chosen as the implementation partners.

From May 2014 to January 2016, 10 stores of the company were automated and launched with the help of 1C:Retail 8, version for Belarus.

The management of the company noted that the solution "1C:Retail 8 for Belarus" helped to organize effective management of the retail network, simplified and facilitated the work with goods, personnel and customers. Typical enterprise processes have been automated, data volume-optimized exchange between the store server and the cash register is organized, and the cash register's autonomous operation is ensured. The system allows you to compose a versatile description of the target group of buyers, generate detailed reports on the operation of stores, and analyze the demand for goods. The system can work both autonomously and interact with the "1C:Trade Management 8" solution, on the basis of which the company's back office in Belarus is automated. For a year and a half with the help of "1C: Retail", 10 stores were launched.

Today the Belarusian retail chain LC Waikiki quickly and efficiently serves more than 4,000 customers a day.

Project results

The new system ensured the effective management of the Belarusian retail chain LC Waikiki:

  • Optimization the work of personnel when receiving goods. The system helps in the simplest and quickest way to compare orders to suppliers with the actual receipt of goods, to promptly draw up acts of discrepancy. This speeds up the acceptance of goods in stores and makes it easier to return defective or erroneous goods to suppliers.

  • Effective work of store personnel in the process of sales registration is organized. On weekdays, each Belarusian LC Waikiki store, on average, serves up to 150 customers, on weekends their number grows to 600 people, the average number of goods in a check is 2-3 items. In order to arrange quick sales and prevent the occurrence of queues at the checkout counters, cashiers' workplaces are equipped with fiscal registrars, terminals for payments by bank cards, barcode scanners, and customer displays. This ensures prompt and comfortable customer service even during the periods of the highest traffic of outlets.

  • The system allows analyzing in detail customer demand both by retail outlets and by individual items of goods. Based on this data, managers identify popular and not very popular products and rationally manage the assortment of each store. This helps the company to maximize customer satisfaction and increase sales of popular items. Customers are satisfied, the popularity of the stores is growing.

  • The "1C:Retail 8" system automatically generates reports on receipts for each store: average, by days of the week, by the time of purchase, by discount cards. Such statistical reports allow you to effectively manage the operation of retail outlets - to optimize the number of cash registers and the number of employees who must be in the trading floor at a certain time.

  • Integration of the system with the program installed in the Turkish office of LC Waikiki allows the management to receive real-time information on financial indicators - gross profit, expenses and income of each store. This helps to accurately assess the current situation and form objective forecasts for the future.

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