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Dear collegues,
I try to access to my database via Odata interface. I stuck with little problem - I want to access user-provided data in Entity, that places in "additional props" (Я не знаю, как точно это называется в английской конфигурации - "дополнительные реквизиты" короче)

For example, I create user-defined property to entities "Warehouses" (Склады). Let's call it "space", where user can enter square meters of warehouse.

But when I get Entity by Rest client, array of additional props is empty - [].

How to get additional props by Odata in 1C>

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Dear Denis,

when you publish the OData interface, you use a special data processor to specify what data will be available through the REST API.

Since additional attributes of objects in typical 1C programs are usually stored in the "AdditionalAttributesAndInfoSets" catalog, try to open access via the REST API for this catalog as well.

By the way, our blog has an article on working with OData: https://1c-dn.com/blog/synchronization-between-a-mobile-app-and-a-database-server-on-the-1c-platform/

And please Denis - our forum is read by developers from different countries who do not always understand Russian. Therefore, for general convenience, we use English.

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