1C Platform for Centralized Setup?

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We wish to consult an 1C setup architect e.g. DBAs.

We are planning to use 1C platform for multi organisation based ERP solution.

As the solution going to be centralised, serves users through VPN, we have came across a typical problem.

1. While uploading application changes production server, we need to kick out all connected users.

This poses a big trouble during hundreds of users across multiple location & organization working 24x7.

Is there any other alternative of uploading changes without killing user processes?

Similarly, how we can take hot backup without killing user processes?

Thanking in advance,

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Hi Manesh,

If you have your 1C:Enterprise infobase managed with a DBMS (like MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL), you can perform hot backups via the DBMS back up capabilities. In this instance, there is no need to stop user sessions.

Best regards,
Vladimir Gurov

1C Company support team
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Hi Mahesh,

Here is the link to answer your question


I recommend you split configuration updates into 2 steps. Updates to forms, modules that do not require modification of database structure can be done as often as you need without users logout. Updates to database structure can be done on weekends when there are less active users working in the system.

Kind regards,

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