Configuration update

Infobase configuration update is required when you need to modify your applied solution. For example, a new applied solution version is released, or adding new functionality to the current version is required.

Applied solution configuration updates are performed by Infobase administrators.

If the changes do not affect the data structure, the configuration update can be performed dynamically, without interrupting user work. To access the updated configuration, active users must restart the client application.

If the changes affect the structure of stored data, the update can be performed in the background, so that the majority of changes are made without interrupting user work. Only the short final update stage (data restructuring) is performed in exclusive mode; at that time users cannot access the database.

Updating supported configurations

If the current configuration is supported by one or several vendors, an administrator can update the current configuration to a configuration provided by a vendor.

Updating unsupported configurations

If the current configuration is not supported by a vendor, an administrator can update it by obtaining a vendor configuration, saving it to an external file, and then comparing and merging it with the current configuration.

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