1C:Executor is an automation and administration tool for 1C:Enterprise 8 information databases. This is a great solution to automate deployment, ensure continuous integration, interact with 1C:Enterprise 8 server clusters or collaboration systems, and more.

1C:Executor comes with a new cross-platform scripting language. The interpreter works on all operating systems supported by 1C:Enterprise 8 including Linux, macOS, and Windows.

1C:Executor type system is similar to 1C:Enterprise 8.  That means that a developer can make use of all knowledge and experience gained with 1C:Enterprise 8 platform.

However, the 1C:Executor language is more advanced, less wordy uses different syntax as compared to the language built-in 1C:Enterprise 8.
1C:Executor scripts are plain text files with a .sbsl extension and can be run from a command line.

There are two possible options to write and debug 1C:Executor scripts:
    • Executor IDE Development Environment (Eclipse-based);
    • Visual Studio Code plugin (more).
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