New features in version 8.3.15

New "Taxi" interface

  • the main application window opens by default without a window title;
  • the main panel appeared with access to the main tools of the system command interface;
  • Toolbar commands are redistributed among other interface elements. The toolbar is no longer available;
  • changed the composition and location of the main menu;
  • the view of auxiliary windows and dialogs was changed;
  • The global search field appeared in the main panel of the main application window. Users will be able to follow the navigation link, the URL of an external resource, perform arithmetic operations, etc.
  • the “Search Everywhere” command has been implemented in the context menu of some form elements (where selection is supported). Search is performed using the search field;
  • the button to get the navigation link in the header of the auxiliary window.

Extension evolution

  • it has become possible to warn about changes in any properties of an expandable configuration. A change in properties should not block the use of an extension, but the fact of such a change should be separately worked out by the extension developer;
  • the ability to match extensible configuration objects and extensions by identifiers is implemented. When detecting conflicts renaming implemented a mechanism to help resolve conflicts;
  • when creating a new extension, the extension property of Compatibility Mode is no longer a controllable property;
  • implemented the possibility of a point refinement of the methods of the expandable configuration. An extensible method is completely copied to the extension, in which the code being modified is framed with preprocessor directives;
  • the ability to make changes to one method in only one extension is supported. If two extensions are found that extend the same method using the ModifyControl annotation, only one extension will be applied to the InfoBase. 

Other new features

Interaction system

In the system of interactions, it will be possible to block the user, and then he can neither send nor receive messages.

Two-factor authentication

It will be possible to log in to the system using two types of authentication data. For example, besides the login and password, also using SMS on mobile

New types of diagrams

Added new types of diagrams - annular and volumetric annular

Creating a copy of the information base

For information registers and accumulation registers, the possibility is realized of transferring to a copy not all the register data, but data only for a certain period of time.

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