Database Copies

The database copy mechanism is designed to handle large amounts of data with high efficiency. With this mechanism, it is possible to configure the 1C:Enterprise platform in such a way that a copy of the required data is created and updated in other physical databases.

Multiple copies of a database can exist at the same time. Also, the 1C:Enterprise platform allows choosing configuration objects to be duplicated in each copy of the database. Depending on the need, it is possible to duplicate either a single table or all database tables that exist at the time of setting up the copy to be duplicated. We can use these copies either for queries or within the Data Composition System.

The Database Copy mechanism supports the operation of the Data Accelerator service (as a mandatory component of the Data Accelerator), and can also be used to move the data required for building analytical reports to an external (in relation to the main database) database server, thus reducing the load on the database server running the main database.

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