New features in version 8.3.21

What Is New in the Platform, Version 8.3.21

  • Improved performance of the client application form when a small number of rows are changed in a large table on the server (in one call).
  • Reduced memory consumption by the working process, improved operation stability, and reduced probability of restarting cluster working processes when the memory threshold is exceeded.
  • Improved performance when changing values in the ValueTable type object columns that participate in the indexes created for the value table.
  • Improved performance of full-text data search.
  • Improved performance of applications with numerous metadata objects.
  • Improved display of spreadsheet documents with a complex structure.
  • Displaying search results to users takes less time.
  • Search text in search results is highlighted more correctly.

Changes that affect system behavior

  • The web client behavior is now identical to the thin client behavior.
  • Unified behavior of the QueryWizard object constructor in different client applications.
  • Extended features for error operations. You can now create codes for application errors. Extended API features of the error registration service.
  • Possible use of the Undefined value as a key for the objects of the Map and FixedMap types.
  • Improved performance of data export from the application.
  • Simplified simultaneous receiving of a URL and a presentation of the object to which this URL refers.
  • Now application developers can generate a UUID version required to complete a specific task.
  • Improved troubleshooting of problems with URLs displayed in the client application. Access to resource operations in cases where such operations are not recommended, but the user is confident in their actions.
  • When working with database copies, the damaged copy is disabled automatically without user intervention. If a query can be generated without the damaged copy of the database, the user will not notice the copy failure. The user will receive an error message only if a data query cannot be completed without the data of the database copy, all copies are marked as damaged, and queries to them are not executed.
  • Improved spreadsheet documents view on mobile devices.
  • Improved screen sharing during a video call.
  • Eliminated performance issues when trying to open a document with a hidden sheet panel in Microsoft Excel. The naming of sheets in the resulting Microsoft Excel document is more understandable and predictable now.
  • Extended list of supported audio devices in thin client.
  • Unified method of transferring information about a client application localization language to the add-in.
  • If the print scale is set to "Fit page width" for a spreadsheet document, the printed document and the document exported to Microsoft Word format will be almost identical.
  • Configuration dump to XML files supports new platform features.

Changes that require modification of configuration and administrative settings

  • Improved startup and configuring of 1C:Enterprise service instances for system administrators working on Linux including (if required) multiple startups of different instances.
  • Improved stability of add-ins.Improved installer behavior for cases when a computer restart is required to complete the installation.Possible connection to the infobase via HTTP for the user knowing the unlock code even if the session start is locked.
  • Simplified troubleshooting and problem solving due to errors being displayed in a more technical form for developers and technicians.
  • The configuration extension now provides more features.
  • Unified behavior of the multiple B operator with a subquery for all supported DBMS.The behavior of the data composition template generator is now more predictable.Consistently stable sorting of data obtained using the executable data composition schema and the executable data composition settings of the dynamic list.

Renamed objects

  • Properties of the ErrorProcessingSettings object. The former names are supported for compatibility purposes.
  • New property used to specify the error registration service address of the ErrorProcessingSettings object.
  • Russian picture names of the picture library. Former names are considered obsolete and unsupported for compatibility.

Read more in the V8Update.html file in the platform installation directory.
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