New features in version 8.3.16

Collaboration system

  • Screen demonstration
We implemented functionality for screen demonstrating during a video call. This is available in the thin client for Windows OS and in the web client in Chrome and Firefox browsers (for Windows OS and macOS) and in Firefox browser for Linux.

Offline mode for Mobile client

This client application allows a user to work both in online and offline modes. It is possible to switch from online to offline mode and vice versa.

New web client embedding mechanism

We developed functionality for embedding the web client in third-party sites and ensuring the interaction of web clients with these sites.

Interface mechanisms

  • Unified search functionalities in dynamic lists and "static" tables
  • Implemented functionality for creating combined charts containing simultaneously a graph and a histogram
  • Implemented function for the program filling of the context menu of the planner

Database copies

A user can now select the composition of properties of configuration objects that are transferred to a copy of the database when standard replication is turned on.


In the client-server mode, there is a limit for the number of login attempts with the wrong password.

Server cluster

The platform allows running backup workflows. The backup workflow is started in advance and server cluster service data is synchronized for it. This feature enables a user to reduce the time for switching the client application a new workflow in the event of emergency termination of the workflow serving this client application.

Complete list of changes

To learn more about the new features of the 1C:Enterprise platform and see the full list of changes, please open the file V8Update.html when installing the version 8.3.16

On Windows, if the platform is installed to the default directory, the file is located in C:\Program Files\1cv8\8.3.14.<build number>\docs\en\

On Linux, if the platform is installed to the default directory, the file is located in /opt/1c/v8.3/i386/docs/en/

On OS X, if the platform is installed to the default directory, the file is located in /opt/1cv8/8.3.14.<build number>/docs/en/ 

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