New features in version 8.3.19

New functionality and changes

·       Configurations developed using 1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.18 or earlier can now run on version 8.3.19 (without the need to update the configuration or the application data structures).

·       New features of the 1C:Enterprise mobile version are considered in the Syntax Assistant.

·       Advanced navigation links features.

·       Implemented the BeforePrint, BeforeWrite, and AfterWrite event handlers for all client application form items that support saving and printing.

·       Animated SVG images can now be displayed.

New functionality and changes in the 1C:Enterprise mode

·       On a video call, computer resources are used more efficiently.

·       1C:Enterprise is now available in right-to-left languages (using thin and thick client applications).


·       Improved query performance.

·       Upgrade information is restored from the .dt file faster in a client/server infobase.

·       Improved solving systems of linear equations.

·       Decreased DBMS load in some cases.

·       Improved file infobase performance.

·       Improved performance of queries to the virtual table of balance and turnovers of the accounting register.

·       Improved automated testing performance

Eliminated unexpected system behavior in some cases.

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