Text documents

A text document is a common object of the embedded 1C programming language. It allows presenting any information (including report results) as a text.

A text document can be read from the text file or saved to the text file. It can be placed on a form or on a template, the operation is available by using the embedded language tools.

Besides, a text document can be created interactively either in Designer mode of in 1C:Enterprise mode.

Text document templates

The 1C:Enterprise system supports the creation of text templates, based on which the embedded language tools generate text documents for displaying reports and forms of primary documents as a text.

Moreover, such templates can be added to the applied solution by using the Template configuration objects.

A text template describes the areas that contain the displayable text and the fields in which the calculated values will be displayed.

Text templates have the following features:

  • Creation of named areas of the template specifying the area language;

  • Description of the placement of the text template fields;

  • Description of the format for displaying field data;

  • Description of the field alignment;

  • Description of the automatic transfer of the representation of the field value to the next string when generating a report;

  • Using overprinting if the text is longer than the field size;

  • Creation of a text template in the form as close as possible to the report generated on its basis or the form of the primary document.

Text editor

To create and edit text documents the developer can use a special editor for texts and modules.

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