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We, at 1C, are open to our users and greatly appreciate your suggestions on the new features that the platform can benefit from. Here you can find the list of tasks based on requests from the developers’ community.

We sincerely thank everybody who is using the platform and share our passion for making it better.

Feel free to share your ideas on how to improve the platform through  

Tasks List 

Updated on January 25, 2023


 Task Covered by the Release



  Integrate extra options for passwordless authentication

Will be released in 8.3.25


  Enable TLS connection via certified cryptographic tools



  Enable access to the clipboard via code.



  Add delivered/viewed statuses for messages in the Collaboration System



  Improve the authentication form usability

Will be released in 8.3.25


  Allow the use of formatted rows in spreadsheet documents.



  Migrate to WebKit2 under Linux

Will be released in 8.3.25


  Implement two-way interaction for HTMLDocumentField.



  Add a feature for terminating sessions to allow new ones on systems where the number of sessions is    limited.



  Expand the functionality of the data area backup feature



  Allow synchronization of conversations order between clients



  Add support for video calls in Linux and MacOS

Will be released in 8.3.25


  Allow setting password complexity for configuration repositories



  Add support of S3 protocol for binary data external storage devices.



  Add deduplication into binary data storage



  Improve the usability of binary data storage



  Enable initialization of the cryptography manager by default



  Improve the relevance of full-text search results



  Optimize SystemSettingsStorage.Save

Will be released in 8.3.25


  Add more features for pie charts



  Enable automatic removal of outdated versions of the platform



  Ensure quicker updates of database copies for PostgreSQL

Will be released in 8.3.25


  Enable parallel upload of data into database copies

Will be released in 8.3.25


  Enable generation of external navigation links with the account of splitters active in the session.



  Add an option to save PDF documents in PDF/A format.



  Optimize RAM consumption by merging a full-text search index

Will be released in 8.3.25


  Optimize the indexing process for the full-text search



  Make it easier for external users to join calls

Will be released in 8.3.25


  Add an option to create additional indexes for stored data tables.

Will be released in 8.3.25


  Optimize indexes

Will be released in 8.3.25


  Optimize the speed of infobase verification and repair



  Add new features for breakpoints in the Debugger



  Add support of external data sources in extensions



  Improve test and repair functionality included with configuration extension logical integrity check



  Add support for files and images as part of the integration with WhatsApp


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