Server call delay emulation

The server call delay emulation mode allows developers to estimate the actual performance of the application from the client side as if the client is connected through a real communication channel.

This mode does not require an Internet connection. All you have to do is turn this mode on, and the platform (even in the file mode on a local computer) will start operating with the delays similar to delays of a real communication channel.

You can turn the server call delay emulation mode on or off while the client application is running. A session running in this mode is marked with an icon in the information panel.

In the server call delay emulation mode the platform uses standard delay durations that imitate a mobile Internet connection (GPRS):

  • Call delay 1.45 s.
  • Data sending delay 0.45 s.
  • Data receiving delay 0.15 s.

Developers can specify custom delay durations if necessary.

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