Template Wizard

With the Template Wizard we can create templates that can be used both by applications and application objects. Templates can contain various data that need to be displayed in the work process.

On creating a new template (for example, when creating a new catalog template in the configuration window), the platform starts the wizard automatically:

The wizard allows to create either an empty template or a template containing data. Thus, it might be an empty template for a spreadsheet document that is widely used in report print forms. Also, it can be an empty text document template or a binary data template.

Additionally, we can use the wizard to create templates containing ActiveDocuments (for example, a Word document, an Excel worksheet, or a CorelDRAW drawing). Moreover, it is possible to create templates containing HTML documents, graphic diagrams, or even geographical diagrams. For the reports utilizing the Data Composition System, the wizard can create templates containing a data composition schema and a data composition appearance template.

The output of the wizard is a ready-to-use template. For example, it can be an empty spreadsheet document template:

Or it can be a template containing a Word document:

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