Frequently Asked Questions

Who can activate a community license?

Anyone who has completed full registration (including mobile phone number verification) on the portal. To activate the community license, you will need to enter the username/password of your account on

How do I complete registration on the portal?

  1. Sign in to the portal, or create an account if you don't have one.
  2. Go to the Community Licenses section.
  3. Click the Get Community License button.

  1. Enter your phone number for verification.

Enter the code received via SMS.

If registration is successful, you will see the following message:


If a license for this number was obtained earlier, you will see this message:

If you have an account on the website, you should obtain a license there. 

In this case, you must use the license obtained on the website.

Or use another account with a different email address and phone number.


Attention! Due to technical issues, SMS verification is currently unavailable in some countries.

If this is your case, please contact us at


How to activate a community license?

To get a developer license, open the license acquisition dialog:

Select the Activate Community License option.

The license acquisition dialog will appear automatically if no license is detected and automatic retrieval fails. 

You can also open it manually:

●       From Designer: Select the Get License menu option

●       From the client application: Open the standard Get License data processor.

Once the license activation is complete, you can verify its status in your personal account or by following the link provided: 

Is the community license a separate distribution of the 1C:Enterprise platform?

No, the community license is a special type of license for the 1C:Enterprise technology platform, which can be activated for any distribution of version 8.3.23 or later.

Where can I get the 1C:Enterprise platform distribution?

For users of who have completed full registration, the 1C:Enterprise platform distributions will be available in their personal account.

What can the community license be used for?

The community license can only be used for developing and debugging applications (configurations) based on the 1C:Enterprise technology platform. It cannot be used for real-world management and accounting tasks. Strictly speaking, the Community License does not grant the right to use the 1C:Enterprise technology platform and applications built on it for their intended purpose, i.e., to handle real-world management and accounting tasks in enterprises and institutions, regardless of their organizational and legal form.

On how many computers can the community license be activated?

The community license can only be activated on one computer. To use the Community License on multiple computers, you must activate individual licenses on each machine. A maximum of three instances can be activated. You can deactivate unnecessary licenses in your personal account on the portal.

What are the limitations when using the community license?

The community license can only be used for developing and debugging solutions based on the 1C:Enterprise technology platform (see the question "What can the community license be used for?").

With the Community License applied, the interface of the 1C:Enterprise technology platform displays the Developer Version info message.

The community license allows

●       Concurrent access to a single infobase for the following use-case scenarios (licenses are distributed by the 1C:Enterprise server):

o   Up to three direct connection sessions.

o   Not more than one web server session.

o   Not more than one 1C:Analytics client session.

o   Not more than one mobile client session.

●       Up to 2 different developer licenses in a single infobase

Additionally, a single session with a community license can connect to the 1C:Enterprise server for debugging and modifications. In other cases, the use of client licenses and server licenses for 1C:Enterprise together with the community license is not permitted.

Where can I send suggestions regarding the community license?

You can send your ideas and suggestions about the community license to

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