Query Wizard

The Query Wizard is one of the development tools. With this, developers can compose query texts in the query language using only visual means.

Using buttons Next and Back, we can navigate through the tabs of the wizard and specify the data to be presented in the query result, set up the relations, group data, define the totals to be calculated, set up temporary tables, and edit query batches:

The wizard’s output is a syntactically correct query text. Thus, developers can create fully functional queries without even knowing the syntax of the query language. The wizard automatically generates the necessary syntactic constructions. The resulting query text can be immediately pasted into the text of a module or copied to the clipboard.

In addition, the Query Wizard allows editing query texts right inside the code. To do this, just place the cursor inside the existing query text and run the wizard. The platform analyzes the query text and displays it in the wizard as available fields in a database, relationships, groups, conditions, etc

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