XDTO is one of the mechanisms allowing the integration with other systems. XDTO is for XML Data Transfer Objects. XDTO is a mechanism for the object modeling of data described with the use of the XML schema.

XDTO Key Capabilities

  • describing types of parameters and return values of web services

  • data exchange between 1C:Enterprise configurations having significantly different data structures

  • exchanging XML schema-based data not linked to any configuration (e.g. exchange with 1C:Enterprise-based data systems)

  • creating a native system of types and values for processing random data

XDTO Package

The XDTO mechanism is implemented with the help of a set of 1C:Enterprise language objects and XDTO package configuration object. They help describe the type and value system that will be used in the interaction with other systems. More.

XDTO Serialization

1C:Enterprise supports the XDTO-powered data serialization that allows serializing the following to/from XML:

  • all data types stored in the database

  • some other types

XDTO serialization deals with reading object data to an XML file and creating an object based on the data stored in an XML data.

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