Platform interface languages

Platform interface languages are intended for creating applied solutions for users that speak different languages. Developers can use platform interface languages to switch the applied solution development interface to their native languages.

Once the platform language is selected, the following platform components are displayed in this language:

  • Platform menus
  • Platform dialog boxes
  • Platform messages
  • Oline help

To be able to use an interface language, you have to install it using the platform distribution kit.

Developers can set one of the interface languages as the default language. For example, they can develop applied solutions using the German interface.

Users can specify the platform interface language during the start of the client application.

The language selection at the start of 1C:Enterprise does not restrict infobase functionality in any way. Multiple users with different interface languages can work in a single infobase. Also, you can run multiple 1C:Enterprise instances with different interface languages on a single computer.

The standard platform distribution kit includes the following interface languages:

  • Arabic
  • Azerbaijani
  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • Georgian
  • Hungarian
  • Kazakh
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • German
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese
The platform localization was performed in cooperation with the following companies:
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