ActiveDocument templates

ActiveDocument technology is designed for editing documents in editors beyond 1C:Enterprise 8.

This technology allows visual editing of documents (e.g. Word or Excel) in a 1C:Enterprise 8 window; with that, native UI elements (menu, control panel, etc.) are replaced with the editor's ones. The user can temporarily edit and save the documents in configuration templates. After that, the user can use those templates as the basis for creating final versions of the documents.

Please note that in Enterprise, ActiveDocument templates can only be used programmatically. Visual editing is only available when creating and editing the configuration.

This technology is used when the user needs to store data edited by another application in the configuration. Such data may include fax or business letter templates created in Microsoft Word or price list templates created in Microsoft Excel. The user may need this if the document format is prescribed (in the internal workflow or when exchanging documents with third-party organizations and clients). However, if the document format is not subject to any restrictions, it is recommended to use 1C:Enterprise 8's native tools for managing electronic and hard-copy documents.

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