Designer batch mode

When you start Designer, you can specify various command-line parameters, such as its start mode, infobase directory, user directory, and so on.

Administrators can use the batch mode to perform the following actions:

  • Dump or restore infobases
  • Save configurations to files or load them from files
  • Dump configurations to files or restore them from files
  • Update configuration databases (can be performed for supported configurations)
  • Perform syntax checks
  • Verify and repair infobases (with a full range of parameters)
  • Reduce event log size
  • Check configurations
  • and more

Alternatively, the startup options can be provided in an external file, which is then specified as a command-line parameter.

Once the actions specified in the command-line parameters are complete, Designer is closed.

The batch mode automates infobase service operations with scheduled execution of batch files.

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