New features in version 8.3.4

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New functionality and changes

  • Bug fixes.
  • Saving spreadsheet documents in HTML 5 format is implemented.
  • Support of all MySQL query language options for operations with external data sources is implemented.
  • Support of functions defined in external data sources is implemented.
  • The option to manage client application interface content from 1C:Enterprise script is implemented.
  • The option to use control-heavy forms in Taxi interface without significant refactoring is implemented.
  • Multiple roles can be specified for defining access rights in the scenario where the user list is empty.
  • New options for highlighting syntax clauses in the module editor are implemented: pairs of operators and parentheses, current ID, and search results.
  • Support of TLS protocol in thin client is implemented.
  • Support of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is implemented.
  • Running thin client or thick client on a client computer (on Windows operating system) requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 or later.
  • Support of Windows 2000 operating system is discontinued.

Mobile platform

  • Support of x86 (Intel) CPUs for Android operating system is implemented.
  • The "Mobile application builder" applied solution, which is intended for building mobile applications, is implemented.
  • Support of Android 2.2 operating system is discontinued.


  • Optimized check for configuration modifications.
  • Streamlined web client operations in scenarios where a large number of forms are opened in the Taxi interface.
  • In client/server mode, reduced the impact of the numbering service on the transaction start and end time, even for transactions that do not use the numbering service.
  • In client/server mode, optimized numbering service algorithms for scenarios with a large number of prefixes.
  • In thin and thick clients, the streamlined performance of text input fields that contain large multiline texts (with "Multiline mode" property set to Yes).
  • Streamlined repository operations for repositories that do not use the compatibility mode.
  • Streamlined storing of objects to the repository while multiple users are working simultaneously.
  • To increase performance, rounded corners are not displayed for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 controls.
  • Streamlined Linux client operations in some scenarios.

Complete list of changes

The full list of changes is available in file V8Update.htm.

On Windows, if the platform is installed in the default folder, the file is located in Program Files\1cv8\8.3.4.<build number>\docs\en\.

On Linux, if the platform is installed in the default folder, the file is located in /opt/1c/v8.3/i386/docs/en/.

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