Distribution kits

Developers can create applied solution distribution kits in Designer, without using any third-party tools. A distribution kit is a set of files intended for installing them on end-user computers.

A distribution kit includes the installation program setup.exe and an archive with delivery files. To install an applied solution, an end-user only has to run the installation program, which is included in the delivery kit, and follow the on-screen instructions.  The installation program has a standard interface. It helps users to install all of the applied solution components.

Creating distribution kit description

A developer can create a distribution kit description and then use it for generating distribution kits. The description includes product information and the list of files that can be included in the delivery kit.

In addition to the configuration file and the Infobase file, a distribution kit can contain other files required by the applied solution.

Editing distribution kit description

You can edit distribution kit descriptions in Designer, in the distribution kit description editor window.

Configuration templates are primary distribution kit components, each containing a file set. File sets can include configuration files, Infobase dump files, and any custom files.

In the distribution kit description editor window, you can add or remove files that are included in configuration templates, as well as create multiple delivery editions, which include different file sets.

You can also specify home directories for delivery files and available languages for template items that are subject to localization.

Delivery files

The result of distribution kit creation is a set of files, which includes an installation program and a file package.

Alternatively, you can create a set of delivery files that are not archived and do not include an installation program.

Autorun application

The Autorun application provides another way to create standard solution distribution kits.

The Autorun can serve as a customizable shell for deliveries distributed on CDs or DVDs.

Autorun settings and user interface are very simple. It is a dialog box that contains the following parts:

  • Title
  • Background picture
  • List of available applications
  • Descriptions of available applications
  • Exit button

All of the dialog box parts can be customized and localized. To localize the dialog box, you have to provide the list of languages, as well as the dialog box texts in each of the languages. If multiple languages are available, a language selection drop-down list is displayed in the dialog box.

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