Mobile client with offline mode

Available for version 8.3.16

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The mobile client with offline mode is one of the platform versions intended for use on mobile devices. A mobile application built using this platform version supports the following two modes of operation:

  • whenever HTTP-connection with a web server is established, it interacts with infobases online similarly to platform client applications tailored to desktop computers;

  • otherwise, it is operated offline and uses configuration and data stored in the mobile device local infobase.

As soon as the connection is re-established, data stored on a mobile device and server infobase is synchronized.

The mobile client with offline mode is more convenient, as it enables the user:

  • use the main infobase, whenever the connection is established and remains stable;

  • operate offline, if there is no connection with the main infobase;

  • select a mode of operation (online/offline), if the connection is poor.

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