New features in version 8.3.6

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Taxi interface development

Search in function menu

Full-text search is implemented in the function menu. It simplifies user work with large applied solutions. You can quickly find commands without knowing the menu sections where they belong. The search is performed not only in commands but also in subsystem names and command groups.

"Show in list" command

The "Show in list" command is implemented in applied object forms and in the information register record form. It switches from the object form to the list form, with the cursor positioned at the row with that object.

Custom DPI support

1C:Enterprise supports custom screen resolutions (other than 96 DPI). The platform performs the scaling on its own, without using Windows virtualization.


Planner, a new applied tool, is implemented. It is intended for automating the planning of tasks, events, meetings, creating calendars and schedules, and so on.

JSON integration tools

Tools for support of the popular JSON format are implemented. This format is widely used for exchanging data between web applications. Both low-level tools for reading and wrtiting JSON streams and more universal tools are available. They allow serializing 1C:Enterprise primitive types and collections to JSON.

The integration tools (REST interface, HTTP services, and HTTPConnection) are updated for JSON support. This includes the option to skip the BOM (Byte Order Mark) when writing JSON strings or files.

Monitoring cluster status

New algorithm for monitoring 1C:Enterprise server cluster status. It increases the cluster reliability and protects the cluster from faults that might occur in its working processes. Learn more...

Mobile platform development

New mobile interface design

A new modern and user-friendly interface is implemented for the mobile platorm. With the new interface, the look and feel of 1C:Enterprise applications is natural to the operating system where they run: iPhone, Android smartphone, or Android tablet.

Push and local notifications

Push notifications and local notifications are implemented. They can be used to display various reminders and to provide interaction between the main application and the mobile application initiated by the main application.

Screen rotation

1C:Enterprise script tools for responding to mobile device screen rotation and screen size/resolution changes are implemented. For example, you can use these tools in the scenario where a mobile device is connected to an external display.


Spreadsheet document printing is implemented. PCL3-5-compatible printers and Zebra (ZPL) printers are supported. Printer connection is established using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Full-text search

Full-text search is implemented. Its major usage scenarios are search in dynamic lists and input by string in the input fields. The platform automatically creates and updates the ful-text search index.

Development tools improvements

Configuration extensions

Configuration extensions are a brand new application customization option. They significantly simplify the customization of configurations during their deployment for specific customers. Besides that, configuration extensions provide the only way to upgrade an application with data sharing if the upgrade is required by a single subscriber.

Updating module script when renaming configuration objects

Applied solution modification is automated for scenarios where configuration objects, their attributes, or form items, attrubutes, and parameters are renamed or deleted. The platform automatically finds script fragments related to the changed object. The platform performs automatic renaming in the script fragments that are apparently related to the renamed object and requires developer confirmation for more complex fragments.

Development of module comparison and merging

Module comparison and merging algorithms are improved. The result of module merging can be edited directly in the merging window. In addition to the built-in platform tools, you can use third-party merging tools: Araxis Merge, DiffMerge, Kdiff3, TortoiseMerge, Perforce P4Merge, and more.

Asynchronous extension and add-in calls

Asynchronous methods for extension for cryptoprotection, file system extension, and add-in interactions are implemented. The refactoring algorithm is enhanced with automatic replacement of obsolete synchronous calls with new asynchronous calls.


Getting dynamic list data

Dynamic list operations available in 1C:Enterprise script are improved. They provide the option to get data displayed in dynamic lists quickly and efficiently.

Automated testing development

Automated testing options are expanded: support of the most frequent scenarios that involve the Taxi interface is implemented, and the number of manual actions that might be required during the testing is reduced.

New string operation functions

The set of string operation functions is expanded. The new functions are handy for solving tasks related to technological text analysis.

Complete list of changes

The full list of changes is available in file V8Update.htm.

On Windows, if the platform is installed in the default folder, the file is located in Program Files\1cv8\8.3.6.<build number>\docs\en\.

On Linux, if the platform is installed in the default folder, the file is located in /opt/1c/v8.3/i386/docs/en/

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