Administration tools

Most of the 1C:Enterprise administration tools are included in Designer. However, some administration features and utilities are available outside of Designer. The most important of them include:

When a user attempts to connect to an applied solution, the authentication feature is used to determine who it is and check whether they are present in the list of applied solution users. This information is used for determining access rights.

The user list stores user access rights.

The list of active users provides information on users who are currently connected to the infobase.

The jobs mechanism allows asynchronous execution of common module procedures and scheduled execution of these procedures.

Shared infobase lists and shortcuts simplify the administration of systems with large numbers of users.

The event log contains both information about events that occurred in the infobase, as well as user actions.

The technological log is intended for analysis of technological problems that might occur at run time, and unexpected shutdowns of 1C:Enterprise applications running on the computer where the log is being recorded.

The system allows dumping an infobase to a file and restoring an infobase from a file.

Faults that might occur while users are working with an infobase (such as power outages or non-responding applications) might lead to inaccuracies in the infobase data. Infobase verification and repair is intended for fixing such inaccuracies.

You can specify infobase parameters: the lock timeout, minimum user password length, and whether the password complexity check is performed.

Regional infobase settings specify the date, time, number, and logical constant format in applied solutions.

An applied solution might require updating (for example, when a new version is available or when adding new functionality is required). Infobase administrators can perform applied solution configuration updates.

You can use "Administration of 1C:Enterprise servers utility" for Windows or cross-platform tools for monitoring 1C:Enterprise servers and for creating and deleting infobases.

This utility is intended for autonomous verification and repair of infobases. It is included in the delivery kit. Running the utility does not require you to run Designer.

In addition to running 1C:Enterprise from the Start menu, you can run the client application from the command line with specific parameters.

1C:Enterprise is capable of operating in two modes, which provide an identical user experience for both individual users and members of large workgroups.

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