Installation 5 concurrect licenses in LAN (file way of working)

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1. We bought 1C:Enterprise 8.  5 concurrent users license.
2. Then we installed everything on the first computer and registered first multi-user PIN according to
Installing the full version of 1C:Small Business.
3. We don't need client server way of working because it need server licence. We need file way of working in ou company LAN.

a) What we need to install to other computers in our office LAN? Only thin client is enough or we need to install 1C:Enterprise 8, 1C:SB and something else? Please advice the steps of installation like it is made for the first computer.
b) Do we need to use the same multi-user PIN as to the first computer or we need to use different? If different - why we received only 3 multi-user PINs if we bought 5 concurrent users? If the same - what detailed way of registration it should be?

Hope for your soon reply.
Thank you!

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Timofey Bugaevsky



If you do not want to use client/server mode, you seem to do not need multi-user mode for your license. More details you can find in How to register your 1C:Enterprise platform.

But as you said, you have activated your license in multi-user mode. If you are not going to use the terminal server, you have to send a request to change the mode of usage of your license to the Licensing Center.

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