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September 02, 2019

1C:Enterprise Development Tools is an integrated new-generation environment for the development of 1C:Enterprise business applications. You can use 1C:Enterprise Development Tools alongside with 1C:Enterprise Designer. Applications developed with 1C:Enterprise Development Tools are fully compatible with the latest 1C:Enterprise versions. 1C:Enterprise Development Tools advantages are compliance with the latest demands and requirements, and rapid evolution and enhancement capabilities for the development environment.

Version 1.13 is improved previous version 1.12. Here we optimized some operations and made improvements in the form editor and in the mechanism for configuration comparison/merge.

New features in 1C:Enterprise Development Tools 1.13:

  • Search for the form’s attributes 

When editing a form you can search its attributes by name. To do this, press Ctrl+F in the window Attributes, then enter a name or its part.

  • New function for modules merge – “Manual merge”

We added a new merge mode in the editor of modules comparison and merge – Manual merge. The program sets this mode automatically as soon as you start editing the result of modules merge manually, in the middle window.

After you confirm changes and close the editor window, this mode will be displayed in the editor of configuration comparison and merge.

Indeed, if you want to change back to the option with “manual” editing in the future, you can do it by choosing the mode Manual merge in the editor.

  • Saving and loading of comparison and merge settings

It is possible now to save the settings made in the editor when comparing and merging configurations or their objects.

Next time, you can use the same settings to run a comparison. To do this, set a flag on the function Use external merge settings.

Since the settings are saved in an XML-file, you can not only use them multiple times but share them with colleagues as well.

Besides, if you close EDT without saving changes introduced into the editor, your setting will not be lost. When closing EDT current settings will be saved, when opening the editor again all settings will be recovered.

  • Changes in the point of extension com._1c.g5.v8.dt.bsl.externalBslValidator    

When developing plug-ins that extend checking operations in the built-in language modules, pay attention to the following changes. Now you should use a new method validate() with three parameters:

validate(EObject moduleItem, CustomValidationMessageAcceptor messageAcceptor, CancelIndicator monitor)

instead of the previous method validate() with two parameters:

validate(EObject moduleItem, CustomValidationMessageAcceptor messageAcceptor)

in the interface com._1c.g5.v8.dt.bsl.validation.IexternalBslValidator .

The third parameter is a special indicator that enables you to understand if the checking operation was interrupted from outside. This may happen, for example, as a result of a module editing since its text was changed. In this case to continue your checking procedure has no sense and it may be stopped.

The old method validate() is marked as prohibited and will be deleted in version 1.15. Now all the plug-ins that have extension points still work, but it is recommended to switch to the new method in order not to disturb their work in further versions.

  • “Open configuration object” command

We added the command Open configuration object to the Navigation menu. Previously, it was available only on the command panel of the main window. This will allow you to open editors of those configuration object which names you know simpler and faster.

  • Translation of a command interface Git

A considerable part of a command EDT interface, which ensures the work with version control system Git, is translated to Russian. Also, we eliminated synonymousness of some Russian commands and terms that existed in previous versions.

  • Eclipse version update

EDT has switched to the new Eclipse version 2019-06. Take this into account if you develop your own plug-ins for EDT.


To get familiarized with new functionalities, please enter your 1С:Developer Network account and download 1C:Enterprise Development Tools

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