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July 05, 2020

In version 2020.4, we implemented support for version 8.3.16 of the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform, optimized configuration comparison, implemented the ability to compare and merge using external programs, and added the ability to delete objects in the main source. We also fixed the order in which objects are displayed as part of the general props and exchange plan.

1C:Enterprise 8.3.16

Implemented support for version 8.3.16 of the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform. You can use it to run and debug configurations. You can also use the new functionality of this version when developing application solutions.
Versions of the 16th platform starting from are supported.


Significantly accelerated the final stage of configuration comparison (up to 25%).

Comparison and integration using external applications

We have implemented the ability to use external programs for comparison and integration. In the parameters 1C:EDT, a new section V8> Comparison and Association> External Programs has appeared.

In this section, you can specify the settings of the external program that you intend to use: the path to its executable file and other parameters. You can also choose what actions the external program will be used and whether it should be used automatically for all modules.
The modules received a new merge mode - Merge using an external application. It is installed automatically for all modules (if you selected this option in the settings), or manually.

Before you combine, you can analyze some modules. A new Compare command using an external application is available in the context menu of the module.

With it, you can compare the texts of the modules in the sources.

The merge result is saved in the editor, while the merge rule is changed to Manual merge.

If there is no need for individual work with modules, you can immediately start the merge procedure. In this case, the union will first be started using an external program for those nodes that have the Merge using an external application mode set. After that, the main update will be performed.

Removing objects present only in the main source

In a three-way comparison, we realized the ability to delete objects added only to the main source (absent in the second source and in the common ancestor). Now you can set the merge flag for such objects and as a result you will get a state corresponding to the second source.

The order of objects on the Composition tab

The order of configuration objects on the Composition tab (in the general props editor and in the exchange plan editor) now coincides with the order of these objects in the configuration tree. The order used to be different.

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