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January 18, 2021

1C:Enterprise 8.3.18

Implemented support for version 8.3.18 of the 1C:Enterprise platform. You can use it to run and debug configurations. Also, you can use the new functionality of this version when developing application solutions.

Possible problem: Supported platform 18 versions starting from Versions earlier than 1128 are not supported; when trying to use them, 1C:EDT will give an error message.


Expedited export of configuration from 1C:EDT by optimizing module reading. Test measurements on the 1C:ERP configuration show that the gain was 9% of the total export time of modules.

The new model for comparing and merging configurations

Сhanged the internal model for comparing and merging configurations. As a result, there are several external changes to the behavior of the compare and merge editor:

•    You can now select a joining mode for a node (in the right column) only when the join check box is selected. If the merge check box is cleared for a node, the merge mode selection is not available. Previously, the selection of the merge mode was available when the merge check box was cleared.

•    When working in Windows and Linux operating systems, the compare and merge editor now does not show

checkboxes for nodes that have unmerged child nodes under them. Previously, such checkboxes were shown and could be selected, but this did not affect the result of the merge.

New configuration file format for merging configurations

As a result of changes in the internal model for comparing and merging configurations, we changed the format of the configuration merging settings file. The new file format is incompatible with the old one:

•      when saving settings from 1C:EDT version 2020.6, the file is saved in a new format; such a file cannot be read by previous versions of 1C:EDT,

•      the settings file created by previous versions of 1C:EDT cannot be read in 1C:EDT version 2020.6.

If you previously used the saved settings for merging configurations, then you will not be able to transfer them to the new version of 1C:EDT. The merge settings will need to be done from scratch in the new 1C:EDT version and saved to a file.

Editing the composition of an offline configuration

Implemented the ability to edit the composition of the offline configuration when developing an offline mobile client application. To do this, a new command has appeared in the configuration properties palette - Offline Configuration Composition> Open.

It opens the offline configuration composition editor, which is located in one of the configuration editor tabs.

Viewing Values While Debugging

We improved the viewing of the values of variables in the module. The debug pop-up dialog now has a title, by which you can drag it to a convenient place.

In addition, the header contains a menu that allows you to specify whether you want to keep the position and size of the dialog in the future.

In addition, we have improved the viewing of expressions. If you do not use the mouse when debugging, now you can simply position the cursor on the property name and press Shift + F9 (the Inspect command in the context menu). The expression view dialog will open. Previously, to do this, you had to select the entire expression as a whole.

Displaying the account code in the contextual account hint

Now, when selecting a predefined account in the contextual help, you can use not the name of the account but its number. The account number is displayed in brackets after the account name. This is convenient if you are used to operating with account numbers.

Copying form attributes and attribute columns

Now you can copy existing form details and columns of details that are manually created. For example, the columns of the table of values. Use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V for this.

Automatic setting of field aliases in the query constructor

Now, in the query constructor, you can automatically set aliases to those fields that do not have them. For this we have added a command like in the Unions / Aliases tab.

Viewing commit information in text layouts

Now, in text layouts, just like in modules, you can view the commit information contained in the Git repository. To do this, we added the Show revision information command to the context menu of the editor's vertical bar. It includes a visual display of Git commits, which you can customize in the same way as in the embedded language editor.

Saving a configuration or extension to a file

We have added the Save configuration to file ... command to the context menu of the Infobases panel. It allows you to upload the Infobase configuration to a CF file or a configuration extension to a CFE file. Previously, to perform the same actions, you had to first open the Configurator (Start Configurator ...), and then unload the configuration or extension from it.

Publishing thin client distributions for Linux OS

The 1C:Enterprise platform version 8.3.18 implements the simultaneous installation of several versions of 1C:Enterprise on one Linux computer. Therefore, in the settings for publishing an Infobase on a web server, you can now specify the location of the thin client distribution for each type of Linux distribution.

 Adding a newline before a literal multiline

You can now add new lines before the literal multiline. To do this, place the cursor on the line before which you want to add a new one, and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

As before, and now, a similar action can be performed by placing the cursor at the end of the first line and pressing Enter.

Command to activate search in the Navigator panel

In order to quickly move to the search bar in the Navigator pane, you can now use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + 8.

Open syntax helper command

To quickly open the syntax helper, we added the Shift + F1 command. On this command, help information opens in a separate window and is positioned on the description of the built-in language.

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